Like many people these days, did you do an online DNA test to see your ethnicity and never started a family tree? There are advantages to having an online family tree. For example, if you do an Ancestry DNA test, the site has a huge database to be able to connect with distant cousins. Once you have a few generations placed online, you can start using their “ThruLines” to connect to DNA distant cousins. I have used this tool for cousins on my mother’s side. My mother was born and raised in Germany, and had several generations of past German ancestors. It has helped find distant cousins on the branches who emigrated to America generations ago. The same came be done for distant cousins from generations past whose siblings moved to different areas of the United States. Places you would not have considered researching in that area to find missing branches of your family tree. These ThruLine clues still must have some sources or family connections to be considered and placed in your family tree.

I admit researching different family branches can be time consuming looking through all the documents to make sure the potential connections are actually your family and ancestors. Some people just copy other Ancestry family trees, which those trees could have been copied from other family trees. The mistake in doing this is that they could have incorrect information from the beginning, and then everyone copies the mistakes. Maybe the person who originally did their tree years ago placed the information online of what they knew personally at the time or what the generations prior to them told them. Sources or documents appear online frequently, and can change small or large details in your family tree. People who started family trees years ago may be content with the information they have now on their family tree, and do not bother with updating their information. Some people just copy trees to get their family tree done quickly and to reach high numbers of family members in their tree. They will also have wrong information in their family tree, and you end up going to other people’s family branches.

Let me help you find the right information for your family tree by reviewing all the documents and potential connections to help you link to the right ancestor. Please take some time to review my website for more detailed information on my services and fees. Let’s find your correct ancestors one generation at a time. Below is my website with pricing plans and my contact information if you have more questions.

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