Finding Historical Events and Ancestors While Tracing Your Family Tree

While tracing your family tree, you may come across some interesting ancestors and their family history. Isn’t that in part why you want to find out more about your ancestors? If you have early ancestors that go back to the colony and the northeast in the 1600s, there is a good chance you will find an interesting ancestor who played some role in establishing a new town, taking part in King Philip’s War or the Revolutionary War. While tracing my ancestry, I came across Hannah Dewey and her family who were pioneers in Westfield, which is outside of Springfield, Massachusetts. Here’s her family history and Hannah’s story.


Hannah Dewey was born on June 22, 1715 in Westfield, Massachusetts, British Colonial America to Thomas and Abigail Dewey. Her father Thomas was the son of Jeddediah Dewey. Jeddediah was one of the settlers of Westfield along with his brothers Josiah, Thomas and Israel. The pioneer brothers migrated north in 1667 from Windsor, Connecticut to establish a new life, and they ended up starting a sawmill business in Westfield soon after arriving with another settler. In 1715 Jedediah transferred a tract of 30 acres of land to his son Joseph. Joseph later in turn sold the land to his son Joseph Dewey Jr, which included the family home that was built around 1735. Joseph Dewey was a local farmer who was also involved in local politics. His grandson Benjamin bought the house later, added a gristmill and sawmill to his property and enlarged the house. The house remained in the Dewey family until 1847, and then changed hands several times. In the 1970s, under threat of demolition, it was acquired by the West Hampden Historical Society. The historical society hosts open houses, events and gives tours to third graders a couple of times a year.

The 1735 Dewey House picture below and history can be found on their website:

Jeddediah’s granddaughter, Hannah Dewey, was the second wife to my 5x Great Grandfather Jonathan Bartlett who was born in 1711 in Springfield, MA. The couple married January 19, 1761 in Westfield, MA. According to her husband Jonathan's various deed transactions, Hannah lived with her husband on their property in Ludlow. Jonathan was elected as a town official in a few town meetings. He was appointed Selectman, Assessor and on a Committee of Inspection during the Revolutionary War. Hannah died on January 26, 1791 in Ludlow, MA. Both Hannah and Jonathan’s burial location is unknown.

While I was looking on the Dewey House website, I noticed you can purchase memorial bricks for your loved ones. I decided to purchase bricks for Hannah and Jonathan to honor the couple and their connection to a home that still stands today. While on a private tour of the Dewey House in 2021, I was able to photograph the bricks.

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