Understanding the Process

Did you do a DNA test to see your ethnicity and never started a tree?  Looking to find some family connections?  Have you ever wondered what your great-grandfather did for a living?  How about when your ancestors immigrated and where they settled in America, if your family had soldiers in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, or if there were any interesting stories in any of your past generations?    Have you started a family tree, but realized it takes too much time researching all the documents to link to the right people in the next generation.  Now is the time to do a family tree and leave a legacy for generations to come. 

I’m here to help you find your American ancestors as you go up your family tree and separate branches, so you don’t go up somebody else’s family branch.  I am a Researcher who enjoys finding interesting documents, locations, occupations and stories on family ancestors as we climb the branches of your family tree.  I have a Paralegal Degree and have always been interested in researching history as it relates to families, their locations and local events.  You may even find some interesting family characters that surprise you in your tree. While staying home during the Pandemic, I built my own family tree close to 10,000 people in less than a year doing it full time.  You may not want to build that many people, but it does take time to go build each generation to list the couple’s spouses (or multiple spouses), children of each marriage, the couple’s parents and siblings.    Then you need to list the same for each sibling in that same generation, which can stretch that branch and become time consuming.  Then trying to place all the source documents to each person can be confusing.  Maybe you started and tree and don’t know how to proceed or can’t find the next generation.  I’m here to help with it.  I can research and locate family members through their birth, marriage, death, census, land, tax, wills or probate records. I prefer to work with an online ancestry website.  I am most familiar with Ancestry.com.  Here we will build your family tree and you will always have a copy for your generations to come. The generations behind us do everything on the web, so I would suggest you do a family tree online.  If your family tree is public, it will help future generations compare to other DNA "cousins" and help others make sure their trees are correct, especially your branch.     


I have gone beyond just building my family tree to include applications to the Daughters of the American Revolution, memorial pages and biographies on profiles of past love ones, so I would not miss any details of their lives to share with future generations.  It’s up to you how far you would like to reach in those branches.  Let me get you started by building your family tree, or one branch at a time.

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