Pricing will depend upon if your looking to to find an answer to a specific question, researching one branch of your tree or building your full tree.  Contact me for set pricing.  Deposit required to start your family tree.  

Building One Branch

1 Lineal Branch

I would suggest starting with your main branch (birth name or maiden name for women) and go upwards in that line first.  This would include parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, 2x GGP, 3x GGP and upwards on the branch with a list of their children.  My set fee depends upon how many generations you would like to explore.  The most recent generations have more documents available to explore and review before attaching to your tree.  As you go further up the generations, the couples tend to have many more children.  Contact me for my tiered or set pricing.  Minimum deposit due up front before starting tree. 


Building Several Branches 

Mother's, Father's side or both

Your family tree has 4 Grandparents, 8 Great-grandparents, 16 Great-Great-grandparents and the numbers increase as you go up your family branches.  Once you pass your grandparents, your start to realize how many branches are involved in your tree.  Once we have your grandparents on the tree, you can decide how many branches you want to explore more.  Contact me for my tiered or set pricing. 


Answering a Specific Question, Photo Restoration or Going Beyond Your Family Tree

Particular Question Answered:

You worked some on your family tree and cannot find the next generation, a particular document, or want to know if there was a soldier in the family.  If you need a specific question answered, I charge $25 hourly for research.  If the question cannot be answered by me, or if we come across a "brick wall" that I cannot solve, then I will suggest you hire a Genealogist that has experience researching in that particular area.


I am also a Photographer and can restore minor flaws like blemishes, cracks, bends in your pictures or faded areas.  Hourly rate is $25.00 an hour for editing.  Please refer to my sample restoration photo of my 3x Great grandparents Joseph and Sarah. 


Need help locating documents for lineage applications?  I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution in 2008.  I have helped search and complete additional applications for my ancestry.  I am familiar with what they require.  My fee would be $25.00 an hour to locate the documents and a flat fee to fill out the application according to their requirements. If you would like biographies, timelines and histories done on your favorite ancestors, my fee is $25.00 an hour.  



I am familiar with Ancestry DNA and can find matches and connections to "cousins" you never knew existed.  I broke a brick wall through DNA matches and extended my family tree branch by many generations.  This was going beyond the Ancestry typical matches by labeling the matches and grouping them.  I then reviewed the family trees of the matches to see where the families connect.  My rate is $25.00 an hour to find matches, review their family trees to find connections to your tree and to help break brick walls. 


If your ancestor's gravestone is not on Find A Grave, I can locate the stone if it's local (within 20 miles Woodstock, GA), take a picture and upload it to Find A Grave.  Need your family or ancestor's stone cleaned?  I have cleaned around 30 of my ancestor's stones within the last two summers.  Stone cleaning done between March - October when the temperature is above 65 degrees.  Stone location is a set fee depending upon if you know the plot or section in the cemetery.    Stone cleaning depends upon the size of the stone and location of cemetery. 


Unedited photo above and restored photo below of my 3x Great Grandparents Joseph and Sarah.  The photo was taken in the late 1800's and was faded/damaged on one side mostly.  It had a large crease through Joseph's head and eye.     

Restoration 3.JPG
Bartlett 2.jpg

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